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Create your Linux development workstation in seconds

Linux is the best platform for developers. Here’s how you can get popular languages and development environments ...

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Dell XPS13 Developer Edition ships with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS pre-installed

Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop is now available in the US on with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) pre...


Kata Containers – now available in the Snap Store

Guest blog by Julio Montes, Linux Software Engineer at Intel Kata Containers is now available as a Snap and to install ...

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Create your first snap

We are going to use snapcraft to walk you through the creation of your first snap and main snapcraft concepts.


Get started with Corda

Learn how to get started with Corda, an open source permissioned blockchain platform.


Creating custom LXD images

Create custom Ubuntu or Debian LXD images to use locally or publish