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Canonical launches MicroK8s – deploy Kubernetes in seconds

Canonical has released MicroK8s – a fast and efficient upstream Kubernetes delivered as a single snap package tha...


GitKraken picks up community demand to adopt snaps

Used by the likes of Netflix, Tesla and Apple, GitKraken is the go-to home for developers who are looking for a more us...

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Six reasons why developers choose Ubuntu Desktop

Used in more than 240 countries, by governments, enterprises, and consumers alike, Ubuntu Desktop is the number one Lin...

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Install a local Kubernetes with microk8s

Get a local Kubernetes on your workstation with microk8s. Possibly the fastest path to this great open-source orchestration system, Kubernetes.


Streaming Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop

Get started with Hadoop on JAAS with this streaming data example. We will use JAAS to deploy a fully supported Hadoop stack and then stream data into the platform for interactive SQL based Analysis.


GPU data processing inside LXD

Accelerate data processing within LXD containers by enabling direct access to your NVIDIA GPU’s CUDA engine.