Ubuntu Core, a minimalist rendition of Ubuntu, is a lightweight, transactionally updated operating system designed for deployments on embedded and IoT devices, cloud and more. It runs a new breed of super-secure, remotely upgradeable Linux app packages known as snaps.

The strict separation between kernel and device drivers, OS and applications means embedded engineers and application developers can easily work in parallel.

  • Get started ›

    Your Ubuntu Core first steps, installing Ubuntu Core on your board or in a virtual machine.

  • Examples ›

    Reusable code snippets to speed up your Ubuntu Core development and deployment journey, from using interfaces to building a gadget snap.

  • Publish and distribute ›

    Package, release and distribute your snaps to your devices through the Ubuntu Store or your private store.

  • Documentation ›

    Everything there is to know about building and managing Ubuntu Core devices. The complete documentation and reference materials.

  • Troubleshooting ›

    Got stuck? Here's where to find help to move forward with your Ubuntu Core project.

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