When building your device or managing a fleet of devices you might bump into issues. The Ubuntu community is renowned for the wealth of information you can find about various topics across a number of channels. Pick the one best suited to your taste and needs.

Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu should be your first port of call to get answers for the most commonly asked questions. If you’re stuck, chances are that someone else has encountered the same problem and they can help.

Take a look at the "ubuntu-core" tag for questions related to building and managing Ubuntu Core devices on Ask Ubuntu.

Ask Ubuntu for Ubuntu Core

Take a look at the "snap" tag for questions related to building snaps on Ask Ubuntu.

Ask Ubuntu for snap

Snapcraft mailing list

For any other questions related to Ubuntu Core and snaps, join the mailing list. This is particularly useful for advanced users looking for answers on niche topics or newly released features. You’ll also get regular product and community updates, from new product releases to new snaps built by the community.

Snapcraft mailing list

#snappy IRC channel

The snappy IRC channel can be useful when you need an urgent response or think that a chat can be more effective. Share your projects and ask other developers for support.

#snappy channel on IRC

Filing bugs on Launchpad

Launchpad is the tool used by the Ubuntu community to track bugs and host code. If you think you have encountered a bug, check if it's already been filed and, if not, file it on Launchpad. We value your feedback.

Ubuntu Core and snapd

Template policies

Sometimes a policy denial is linked to a bug in the template Ubuntu Core policy.


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