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The Scope Showdown is on

Scopes are the new way to surface content to users. Join the Ubuntu Scope Showdown contest and win exciting prizes.

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  1. Write apps for Ubuntu


    Write gorgeous apps with stunning animated and fluid UIs. Choose native or HTML5 and get started with the Ubuntu SDK.

  2. Write scopes for Ubuntu


    Scopes open a window to a world of content to users. Learn how to make your own content stand out by writing scopes to customize the user experience.

  3. Write webapps for Ubuntu


    Blurry the boundaries between native and web with Ubuntu webapps. Learn how to integrate your sites into the system as if they were local apps.

Why develop for Ubuntu?

  • An Ubuntu phone running as a desktop PC

    Get your apps everywhere

    Develop applications that run on multiple devices and form factors: phone, PC, tablet, TV... you name it!

  • Braid in the Ubuntu Software Centre

    Open source and commercial apps

    Ubuntu apps can be open or closed source, and free or paid-for. You decide the price and the applicable licence.

  • A class of children using Ubuntu

    Audience of millions

    As the third most popular desktop operating system, Ubuntu reaches millions around the globe. Now also on phones, sky is the limit!

  • An app rating on the Software Centre

    Ubuntu Software Centre

    Ubuntu users will be able to view your applications, along with ratings and reviews, directly from the Dash. Installation is as easy as a single click.

  • Submit your apps page on My Apps

    My Apps

    My Apps is the tool you will use to submit and manage your applications. Follow the approval process, view stats and edit your app's details.

  • Developers holding an Ubuntu banner


    Building, promoting and supporting Ubuntu, our community welcomes new users everyday. Get all the help you need from thousands of engaged peers or even lend a helping hand.

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