Ubuntu Scopes Showdown 2016

Developers must create a new scope within the timeframe of the competition. The scope must be largely original code, however the use of code from the Ubuntu SDK template as well as supporting libraries is allowed and is not required to have been created within the timeframe of the competition.

Functional requirements

Contestants will be asked to develop a scope that should provide a customized UI in both the scope branding and the results display. Scopes should at a minimum provide working search or surfacing functionality.

Scopes that access remote content may use any available online resource that allows third parties to access their APIs and display information retrieved from those services. You should not target services that have API call limitations that would likely be hit when a large number of Ubuntu users begin to use it.


Contestants will have six (6) weeks during which they must start and complete their entry for this competition. During this time we (Canonical and community) will provide support to contestants on IRC, through a series of workshops and tutorials covering various scope development topics, and as needed via more direct contact with the contestant.


Contestants must provide a functional scope as a click package submitted to the Ubuntu store, and a link to their submission in the store.

Content restrictions

Scopes that primarily return results that are illegal or not family-friendly will be ineligible for this competition.

If your scope uses data that requires an account (paid or not) it will be more difficult for the judges to properly score it. When possible, you may be asked to provide access to an account that can be used by the judges strictly for the purpose of scoring your entry.

Make sure that your scope complies with any Terms of Service and Trademark policies from the service you are pulling the content from.