How should I upload my app?

To Ubuntu users, additional apps are shipped as click packages. To generate click packages, the first step is to open your project in the Ubuntu SDK, click on the Edit tab on the left hand side and fill out the manifest.json file form.

The Name field should contain your appname, a dot, then the package namespace you chose when you signed up on MyApps. In the example above the namespace of the user would be lexmur and the package name of the app would be angry-giraffes.

Most of this information is automatically filled during the project creation, but this is a good opportunity to check for any mistakes you could have made.

Security policy groups

We want our apps to be secure. To achieve this, all apps run under confinement. When producing the apps, you get to decide which security privileges your app needs. Please only pick security permissions your app is actually going to use. networking is the only one the Ubuntu SDK suggests by default. If you are unsure which security privileges to choose, read our article about Security policy for click packages.

To manage your security policy groups, select the <appname>.apparmor file in the project files tree.

Package validation

Then, go to the Publish tab, click on "Create and validate Click Package" and wait for the package to be built and tests to pass. Now, the parent directory of your project should contain the click package which is ready for upload.

Technical requirements

In order for your application to be distributed in the Software Centre it must:

  • Be less than 3GB in size
  • Be available to users at no cost (until after 13.10)
  • Be built as a click package
  • Comply to the Terms of Service

Publishing your app

Once you have successfully created a click package, you are ready to upload it and start the process of publishing it. If you should have any problems publishing your app, please do reach out to our app developer community.

Publish your app