These are the states that you application goes through when submitting an app to the Ubuntu Software Store:


When you initially create an app, it’s in a Draft state. You haven’t yet submitted it for review, and it’s possibly still missing some details. Once you’ve gathered all the pieces of information needed, the natural next step is to submit it for review.

Review pending

You’ve submitted your app for review, but a reviewer hasn’t yet started to look at it. Be patient, we’re figuring the right process out and it still involves some manual work.

In review

A reviewer is looking at your app. We’ll perform basic grammar and profanity checks on the provided information, maybe recommend some improvement. We’ll also check that the tarball you’ve submitted actually successfully builds into a binary package, and upload it to a ppa.


If the application is inappropriate for the Ubuntu Software Store or has some serious fundamental issue, we will reject the app completely. This means the application can not be resubmitted for the Software Store, due to the provided reasons. Of course, you could submit another, identical application, but most likely it will be rejected again for the same reasons. Please read the provided feedback and consider that to improve the app you submit next.

Needs information

If the reviewer/tester has some question about some piece of submitted information, we’ll ask for a clarification. Check the provided feedback to see what the reviewer was uncertain about, or what you’d need to tweak. You can then resubmit the application with the necessary amendment after editing the right fields accordingly.

Approved moderation

The app looks good on principle, and builds successfully. It has been uploaded into a ppa and we’ll carry out some tests next to ensure that it can be installed via the Ubuntu Software Store and that it runs. This QA step might take a while, and there are still chances that some issue is found during the testing period, in which case you’ll be asked to fix the package and resubmit as necessary. If everything goes well, your app will be Ready To Publish next.

Ready To Publish

Your app has passed all the checks and is ready to go! It’s up to you now: you can decide when the app actually goes live in the Ubuntu Software Store, by choosing to publish your app on the details page.


Your app is publicly available. You can Unpublish your application at any moment as you see fit, though users that have already downloaded your application will still be able to redownload it. You can check out the statistics on your application to see how well it’s doing.