Develop with quality

Create rock-solid products with Ubuntu's Quality Assurance tools.

Users demand stable, reliable and bug-free scopes and apps. With Ubuntu, developers can satisfy those needs and ensure their software is regression-free and thoroughly tested release after release.

A well-tested application will cover all the levels of the testing pyramid and provide many more low-level unit tests than high level end-to-end tests running through a GUI. Ubuntu has you covered on all levels.

Unit tests

Unit tests are the foundation of a good testing story for your application. Tests cover a single unit of code with known input and expected output. Unit tests ensure your methods and logic perform as expected in isolation.

Integration tests

Integration tests help ensure any custom components work well with the application and the SDK. It's also a chance to test any external dependencies for an application.

The Ubuntu Test components and the Qt Test framework are well suited for writing integration tests.

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Functional tests

Functional or acceptance tests help ensure your application behaves properly from a user perspective. The tests seek to mimic the user as closely as possible. Autopilot is the recommended tool for testing.