Welcome to the Ubuntu App Platform!

Here is where you find a growing set of guides about Ubuntu as a platform for developing apps -- whatever the app toolkit (QML or HTML5). That is, Ubuntu provides a common app environment that developers need to know about to make their apps really fantastic.

This is where platform guides come in: from simple tips to enhance your app, to introductions to key topics, they are a great way to learn the fundamentals from a top-down perspective before diving into API docs.

Key topics

Content Hub

Each application can expose content ouside its sandbox, giving the user precise control over what can be imported, exported or shared with the world and other apps.

Push notifications

By using a push server and a companion client, instantly serve users with the latest information from their network and apps.

URL dispatcher

Help users navigate between your apps and drive their journey with the URL dispatcher.

Performance tips

Be lightweight, be fast. A series of tips on how to avoid common performance pitfalls and resource hogs in your QML apps.

Online accounts

Simplify user access to online services by integrating with the online accounts API. Accounts added by the user on the device are registered in a centralized hub, allowing other apps to re-use them.

App confinement

What are privileged APIs? Why are apps untrusted by default? Get familiar with our strong privacy and security policies and use them to make your app shine in a confined environment.