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How to create Snap packages of Qt applications


One of the advantages of snap packages is that they are self-contained. When you install a snap, you know that you don’t need to install additional dependencies (besides the automatically-installed core snap that provides the basic operating system layer), and it will simply work on every Linux distribution that supports snaps.

Here, we show ...

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Ride With Us: The Road To UI Toolkit 2.0

In 2012 we started the Ubuntu UI Toolkit development with QML-only components, all logic being provided in Javascript. This allowed us to deploy components quickly, to do fast prototyping, and tweak the behaviors and look-and-feel on the fly without the need to re-package or rebuild the entire toolkit. With all its benefits, this approach revealed ...

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SDK Planning for 16.10

On your mark!

We have a clear commitment for the upcoming cycle: We will make it faster! One might ask what exactly we want to make faster and how much faster? From the point of SDK the most important place for performance improvements are the applications and all the consumers of the UI Toolkit. So ...

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PageHeader tutorial

The new header property

This is a tutorial on how to use the new PageHeader component. So far, we had one header per application, implemented in the MainView, and configurable for each page using the Page.head property (which is an instance of PageHeadConfiguration). We deprecated that approach, and added the Page.header property, which ...

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