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How to create Snap packages of Qt applications


One of the advantages of snap packages is that they are self-contained. When you install a snap, you know that you don’t need to install additional dependencies (besides the automatically-installed core snap that provides the basic operating system layer), and it will simply work on every Linux distribution that supports snaps.

Here, we show ...

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PageHeader tutorial

The new header property

This is a tutorial on how to use the new PageHeader component. So far, we had one header per application, implemented in the MainView, and configurable for each page using the Page.head property (which is an instance of PageHeadConfiguration). We deprecated that approach, and added the Page.header property, which ...

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Adaptive page layouts made easy

Adaptive page layouts made easy

Convergent applications

We want to make it easy for app developers to write an app that can run on different form factors without changes in the code. This implies that an app should support screens of various sizes, and the layout of the app should be optimal for each screen size. For example, a messaging ...

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Return of the Ubuntu UI Toolkit

Next month will be the release of Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) for desktop, and this version of Ubuntu will soon become the version that will be installed on Ubuntu phones as well. With the release of 15.04, we also release a new version of our UI toolkit: Ubuntu.Components 1.2. Below are ...

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