Tutorials are practical guides, with step-by-step instructions to achieve the most common development tasks. They cover a variety of areas from getting started tasks to more advanced topics. Easy to follow, practical, and instructive, they should give you an understanding of key Ubuntu Core concepts and, more importantly, help you build components of your solution.

  • What

    Tutorials about Ubuntu Core with concrete projects that you will be able to play with.

  • How

    Step-by-step tutorials giving you a hands-on experience, ramping up skills progressively.

  • Where

    Start, resume and finish online. Or use it offline as part of your scheduled training programme.

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Latest tutorials

Create your first snap

This tutorial covers using snapcraft. It will walk you through creating your first snap and learning the core snapcraft concepts.

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Basic snap usage

A tutorial about using snaps to distribute code and the main benefits of using snaps.

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Building a nodejs service

Using the nodejs snapcraft plugin to build a simple service, covering good practice for debugging and iterating over your web server, and basic confinement notions.

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