Exception to indicate that a twoway request timed out. More...

#include <unity/scopes/ScopeExceptions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TimeoutException (std::string const &reason)
 Constructs the exception. More...
virtual std::exception_ptr self () const override
 Returns a std::exception_ptr to this. More...
Copy and assignment

Copy constructor and assignment operator have the usual value semantics.

 TimeoutException (TimeoutException const &)
TimeoutExceptionoperator= (TimeoutException const &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from unity::scopes::MiddlewareException
 MiddlewareException (std::string const &reason)
 Constructs the exception. More...
 MiddlewareException (MiddlewareException const &)
MiddlewareExceptionoperator= (MiddlewareException const &)

Detailed Description

Exception to indicate that a twoway request timed out.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

unity::scopes::TimeoutException::TimeoutException ( std::string const &  reason)

Constructs the exception.

reasonFurther details about the cause of the exception.

Member Function Documentation

exception_ptr unity::scopes::TimeoutException::self ( ) const

Returns a std::exception_ptr to this.

std::exception_ptr to this.

Reimplemented from unity::scopes::MiddlewareException.