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Web integration

Making the web native

Welcome to Ubuntu Webapps

Ubuntu webapps are web-hosted sites or apps that are displayed inside an Ubuntu app container. They are true apps that users install, see, launch and use. But their content is provided through URLs.


  • Super simple and easy to create and publish
  • Extend your websites into converged Ubuntu as apps
  • URL patterns control what can be opened in webapp and what goes to browser while enabling complex apps drawn from multiple URLs
  • Security: Links to other URLs open in browser, so user cannot be spoofed
  • Containment: Webapps use isolated cookies, history, etc. that is not shared with any browser
  • Integration with Ubuntu/Unity shell: Found as an app, launched as an app, displayed as app
  • Click packaged and distributed through the Ubuntu Software Store
  • Runs on Oxide, a state-of-the-art web engine based on Blink/Chromium, optimized for Ubuntu