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The Ubuntu Scope Showdown

With all of the new documentation coming to support the development of Unity Scopes, it’s time for us to have another development shodown! Contestants will have five (5) weeks to develop a project, from scratch, and submit it to the Ubuntu Store. But this time all of the entries must be Scopes.


prizesWe’ve got some great prizes lined up for the winners of this competition.

  • 1st place will win a new Dell XPS 13 Laptop, Developer Edition (preloaded with Ubuntu)
  • Runners up will receive one of:
    • Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth speakers
    • Nexus 7 running Ubuntu
    • An Ubuntu bundle, featuring:
      • Ubuntu messenger bag
      • Ubuntu Touch Infographic T-shirt
      • Ubuntu Neoprene Laptop Sleeve
    • An Ubuntu bundle, featuring:
      • Ubuntu backpack
      • Ubuntu Circle of Friends Dot Design T-shirt
      • Ubuntu Neoprene Laptop Sleeve


Scope entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, all of whom will evaluate the scope based on the following criteria:

  • General Interest - Scopes that are of more interest to general phone users will be scored higher. We recommend identifying what kind of content phone users want to have fast, easy access to and then finding an online source where you can query for it
  • Creativity - Scopes are a unique way of bringing content and information to a user, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what they can do. Thinking outside the box and providing something new and exciting will lead to a higher score for your Scope
  • Features - There’s more to scopes than basic searching, take advantage of the departments, categories and settings APIs to enhance the functionality of your Scope
  • Design - Scopes offer a variety of ways to customize the way content is displayed, from different layouts to visual styling. Take full advantage of what’s possible to provide a beautiful presentation of your results.
  • Awareness / Promotion – we will award extra points to those of you who blog, tweet, facebook, Google+, reddit, and otherwise share updates and information about your scope as it progresses.

The judges for this contest are:

  • Chris Wayne developer behind a number of current pre-installed Scopes
  • Joey-Elijah Sneddon Author and editor of Omg!Ubuntu!
  • Victor Thompson Ubuntu Core Apps developer
  • Jouni Helminen Designer at Canonical
  • Alan Pope from the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical



How to enter

Anybody can participate in the Scope Showdown, there is no need to register, sign up, or buy in. You don’t even need a phone running Ubuntu Touch, since any Ubuntu SDK scope will run just as well in the emulator which comes with the Ubuntu SDK.

  • The contest starts on the 30th of October 2014
  • You’ve got 5 weeks to develop a new scope, until the 3rd December 2014
  • Your scope must use the Ubuntu SDK, but you can choose to use any language or libraries available for scopes
  • You must submit the scope to the Software Store.
  • You must register your submission in the Scope Showdown Form.

Check out the Scope Showdown rules ›


Get started with the Ubuntu SDK

If you are new to developing Ubuntu Unity scopes, check out the Ubuntu SDK section and its tutorials for installing, creating scopes, running them and more. If you want to develop a scope for a JSON web service, you can follow this simple tutorial that shows the whole process, from creating a new project using the Scope template, to navigating the Ubuntu SDK, to editing your code and getting it running in the emulator.

Get started ›


Learning as you go

To help you out along the way, we’ll be scheduling a series of online Workshops that will cover how to use the Ubuntu SDK and the Scope APIs. In the last weeks of the contest we will also be hosting a hackathon on our IRC channel (#ubuntu-app-devel on Freenode) to answer any last questions and help you get your c If you cannot join those, you can still find everything you need to know in our scope developer documentation.


Submitting your Scope

Scopes will need to be submitted as Click packages. You can create these packages using QtCreator itself, or manually using command-line tools. These Click packages must then be submitted through the Ubuntu Store, where they will have their installation metadata and security profile reviews. You can submit your scope to the Ubuntu Store at any time before the deadline, and you may update it as many times as you want before the deadline. Any new submissions or updates made after the deadline will not be used. Once submitted to the Ubuntu Store, you will need to fill out the Scope Showdown submission form to enter it into the contest. Notice: The Ubuntu Store does not yet support selling scopes, which will be included in a subsequent iteration. Submit your scope ›

Spread the word

Keep everyone updated by blogging about your scope’s progress and post the blog entry link on Twitter with the #ubuntuappshowdown hash tag. Be sure to send your blog entries to the UbuntuAppShowdown reddit or as a mention to @ubuntuappdevthe judges like to see your progress! And remember to stay up to date about the latest Ubuntu Scope Showdown news on the app developer channels::