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Bringing your content to users

Scopes are a window to a world of content

At the core of Ubuntu’s design vision, scopes provide dedicated views to find, organize and show a variety of content types. Be it your contacts, your messages, pictures or online videos, dedicated scopes work for you transparently to bring you the best results when you do a search on your device.

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Content at your fingertips
The Dash is the starting point to find everything you need in Ubuntu: be it your documents, apps or buying music online.
Everything, everywhere
Scopes find content on your device and from online providers to bring you a rich variety of results on the Dash. Adding new scopes provides a different, fresher user experience
Smart for you
Ubuntu brings you the best results from hundreds of sources, saving you the trouble of searching for the right provider. Use the default scopes or install custom ones for a richer set of results.

A content-focused user experience

tablet-media-playerEnvisioned to provide room for your content to naturally surface and be easily accessible, scopes are at the heart of the Ubuntu user experience.

Find all what you need, at any time, fast. Just tell your device what you’re looking for and see the results come in. You don’t feel like typing? Use your voice to control your phone as if it were your personal assistant.

Local or in the cloud? Your content is king no matter where it comes from. When you start a search hundreds of sources are queried, including popular stores and any online service you can imagine. Contacts, pictures, messages, videos, apps… all what you need neatly organized in dedicated scopes or in your personalized home screen.

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Differentiation without fragmentation

Powering a revolutionary yet natural user interface is a platform that enables flexible branding options without sacrificing compatibility. Gone are the days of ecosystem fragmentation: use scopes to make your content stand out. 

Ubuntu provides default scopes such as Home, Apps, Videos and Music. They feature a clean, extensible interface that provides unique opportunities for operator differentiation: 

  • Prioritise what results are displayed first
  • Use the Apps scope to return results from multiple stores
  • Customize the home screen for your service, including integrated online payment support
  • Use Scopes to highlight your own content on the default scopes
  • Pin favourite Scopes to the Dash

That’s not all: along multiple differentiation options we support deeper customization if you need it, just get in touch!

Next steps

  • Check out the Guides section for a primer on scope features and capabilities.
  • The Tutorials section gives hands-on help with coding scopes.
  • And of course you need API reference docs.