Welcome to Ubuntu apps development!

Here you find the key information, guides, tutorials and reference docs you need to get productive quickly writing Ubuntu Apps!

Why write Ubuntu apps?

  • Ubuntu is the third most deployed desktop OS in the world, and its share is growing fast!
  • Ubuntu for phone and tablets is primed and almost ready to deploy in what looks to be a very exciting period, so get your apps into the app store for strong global distribution channels that just keep expanding.
  • Ubuntu apps will soon run across all Ubuntu client platforms (desktop, phone, tablet, etc.). It’s a true write-once, run-everywhere approach that conserves precious developer time.
  • Ubuntu HTML5 apps leverage existing web dev skills to build native apps that fit right into the dazzling new Ubuntu user experience and that mesh perfectly into the beautifully designed and secure Ubuntu platform.
  • Ubuntu QML apps have the implementation lead in terms of GUI refinement, so they are a great choice to deploy apps with a cutting-edge user experience.
  • The list of Ubuntu App Platform APIs is long and getting longer, integrating all Ubuntu apps seamlessly into the Unity shell and user experience, whatever the app’s toolkit and coding language.
  • Cordova JavaScript APIs let HTML5 apps access system and device resources in well known ways, empowering even developers new to Ubuntu. You can also port your Cordova app to Ubuntu with a single command.
  • Developers feel right at home in the Ubuntu SDK, whatever their experience. This integrated development environment offers a richly featured and deeply integrated set of development tools that gears up productivity and includes direct access to attached Ubuntu devices and Ubuntu emulators.
  • Ubuntu is a free and open source platform under constant scrutiny and improvement by a vibrant global community whose enthusiasm, energy, connectedness, many talents and commitment is unmatched

Next steps

Here is a step by step guide on how to become a proficient Ubuntu App developer.

Design comes first

All Ubuntu apps share a dazzling design and superb functionality. From top to bottom, they look and behave alike, regardless of the implementation toolkit. Learn the fundamental principles and GUI building blocks that make Ubuntu apps sizzle by visiting the Apps design guidelines.

Get started with the Ubuntu SDK

Check out the Ubuntu SDK section for information and simple tutorials to get you started installing the SDK, creating app projects, and so on.

Understanding the Ubuntu App Platform

Be sure to look into the Ubuntu App Platform section where you can find information on the common features of the Ubuntu platform that serve apps. Look at the guides there, and stay tuned for more.

Picking your app toolkit: QML or HTML5

You can choose either QML or HTML5 to write your great apps. Both provide the same user experience. The app GUIs are organized the same and support the same look and feel. Ubuntu App Platform APIs are being implemented in both toolkits. (As the HTML5 framework catches up to QML, expect some differences.) So be sure to check these sections out.

Publishing your app

After development, get your app into the hands of avid users by publishing it in the Ubuntu Software Centre. The SDK makes this super easy after you have filled in the needed info and taken some initial steps. See the Publish section for the simple process.