You have a working scope? Here is what to do before pushing it to the store…

Now that your scope is in a working state, it’s time to get it ready for publication. In this tutorial you will learn how to make your scope look good when the user is browsing the store or the list of scopes installed on the phone. In the next steps, we are going to prepare […]

More Scopes Workshops at the Ubuntu Online Summit!

This is a week full of exciting events in the Ubuntu world! Following on the series of Ubuntu Scopes Workshops for the Ubuntu Scopes Showdown, we’re thrilled to announce more Scopes Workshops sessions as part of the Ubuntu Online Summit. Scopes workshops: learn more and ask your questions In order to support participants of the […]

Adding departments to your scope

Departments are a way for the user to navigate the data source exposed by a scope. A music scope can use them to allow browsing by genre, a Youtube scope could list channels and playlists, a news scope could use them for listing topics, etc. Departments can also display a full hierarchy of sub-departments. In […]

New developer guide: Online Accounts

More content coming up for app and scope developers targeting Ubuntu on devices: this time around Online Accounts! Learn the concepts on how to write account providers for online services using the Ubuntu Online Accounts API (UOA), and let the API take care of all the complexity and security for you, so that you can […]

Share your experience on developing for Ubuntu – Vision Mobile developer survey is now open

The Ubuntu scopes contest has kicked off and we’re getting you geared up on how to develop scopes with on air workshops. We’re now bringing you another opportunity to share your views on Ubuntu development by entering the latest Developer Economics Survey. Our friends at Vision Mobile are aiming the latest survey at mobile and […]

Announcing the Ubuntu Scopes Workshops

Hot on the heels of the Ubuntu Scopes Showdown start, we’re thrilled to announce the Scopes Workshops sessions to get developers kickstarted and ask all of their questions! Scopes workshops: learn and ask your questions In order to support participants of the Scope Showdown, we’re organizing a series of workshops around different topics on writing […]

How to add location awareness to your scope

Ubuntu has a solid location stack, allowing users to select which applications have access to the device location. This also applies to scopes and is very easy to add to your code. In this short tutorial, you are going to learn how to bring location awareness to your scope. Read…

It’s time for a Scope development competition!

With all of the new documentation coming to support the development of Unity Scopes, it’s time for us to have another development shodown! Contestants will have five (5) weeks to develop a project, from scratch, and submit it to the Ubuntu Store. But this time all of the entries must be Scopes. Be sure to update to […]

How to add settings to your scope

A scope can provide persistent settings for simple customizations, such as allowing the user to configure an email address or select a distance unit as metric or imperial. In this tutorial, you well learn how to add settings to your scope and allow users to customize their experience. Read…

How to customize and brand your scope

Scopes come with a very flexible customization system. From picking the text color to rearranging how results are laid out, a scope can easily look like a generic RSS reader, a music library or even a store front. In this new article, you will learn how to make your scope shine by customizing its results, […]