A faster Ubuntu positioning system with Nokia HERE

We’re very excited to announce an agreement with Nokia HERE to provide A-GPS support on Ubuntu. The new platform service will enable developers to obtain accurate positioning data for their location-based apps in under two minutes, a significantly shorter Time To First Fix (TTFF) than the average for raw GPS technologies. Faster positioning While Ubuntu […]

Content Hub to replace Friends API

As part of the continued development of the Ubuntu platform, the Content Hub has gained the ability to share links (and soon text) as a content type, just as it has been able to share images and other file-based content in the past. This allows applications to more easily, and more consistently, share things to […]

Ubuntu HTML5 apps session in Barcelona

Here’s a reminder about next Monday’s 7th of July Ubuntu HTML5 apps session in Barcelona. At this free event, I’ll be presenting Ubuntu’s HTML5 development story, together with a live coding session and a Q&A round at the end. You’ll learn how to use the Ubuntu SDK and the UI toolkit to easily reuse your […]

100,000 App Downloads

It was less than a month that we announced crossing the 10,000 users milestone for Ubuntu phones and tablets, and we’ve already reached another: 100,000 app downloads! Downloads The new Ubuntu store used by phones, tablets, and soon the desktop as well, provides app developers with some useful statistics about how many times their app […]

Core Apps Hack Days Starts Now

As previously blogged we’re inviting the community to hack on Core Apps and Community Apps this week. All the details are in the post above, but here’s the executive summary:- Hack days run from 30th June till 4th July We’re hacking on the Core Apps Music, Calendar, Calendar, Clock, Weather & Calculator In addition we’re […]

Bring Your Apps to Hack Days

Ready for RTM*: Ubuntu Touch Core App Hack Days! * Release to Manufacturing We’re running another set of Core Apps Hack Days next week. Starting Monday 30th June through to Friday 4th July we’ll be hacking on Core Apps, getting them polished for our upcoming RTM (Release To Manufacture) images. The goal of our hack […]

10,000 Users of Ubuntu Phone

As we enter the final months before the first Ubuntu phones ship from our partners Meizu and Bq, the numbers of apps, users and downloads continues to grow at a steady pace. Today I’m excited to announce that we have more than ten thousand unique users of Ubuntu on phones or tablets! Users Ubuntu phone […]

Building games for Ubuntu, on Ubuntu

In June of last year, Leadwerks Software launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their game development software to Linux. This week the company has released Leadwerks Game Engine on the Ubuntu Software Center enabling Ubuntu users to build and play games without ever leaving Ubuntu. Leadwerks is a visual editor for building game levels combined […]

Announcing Ubuntu Dual Boot with enhanced upgrades and more!

We’re thrilled to announce a new release of Ubuntu Dual boot, now supporting enhanced Ubuntu upgrades either from the Android or Ubuntu side. The new Ubuntu Dualboot release, codenamed M9, enables developers to run both Ubuntu and Android on a single device and is packed with new features that make it the power tool to […]

Announcing Ubuntu Pioneers

Ubuntu has always been about breaking new ground. We broke the ground with the desktop back in 2004, we have broken the ground with cloud orchestration across multiple clouds and providers, and we are building a powerful, innovative mobile and desktop platform that is breaking ground with convergence. The hardest part about breaking new ground […]