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Use your favourite web tech to write your apps and more!

Leverage your knowledge of ubiquitous web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to write Ubuntu apps, and supercharge them with Cordova Ubuntu API support.

Ubuntu Cordova implements the Apache Cordova API and runtime, a platform for building native mobile applications using the language of the web.

You can easily write new Cordova apps for Ubuntu or port your existing Cordova apps to Ubuntu. Combined with the support for HTML5/JavaScript as a first-class Ubuntu app framework, this opens the door to exceptional design, behavior, portability and platform integration.

An extensive set of APIs to access devices and sensors

Traditionally the main benefit of HTML5 development has been the reusability of widespread technologies to write software, resulting in applications that can run and are portable across different platforms. While this is a huge plus point to choose this approach, web frameworks provide features which stay within the boundaries of the technologies used. This has meant that access to devices such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer and other sensors has been generally limited to native apps.

In the Cordova world, that is no longer a limitation: a rich set of APIs provide access and control to the following devices, sensors and additional features.

  • Accelerometer
  • Camera
  • Compass
  • Contacts
  • File
  • Geolocation
  • Media
  • Network
  • Notification (Alert)
  • Notification (Sound)
  • Notification (Vibration)
  • Storage

With the distinctive Ubuntu look and feel

To provide a better application integration and experience, Cordova apps can use a HTML5 version of the native Ubuntu SDK theme. The Ubuntu HTML theme brings in CSS3 styles customized for Ubuntu along with a Ubuntu UI Javascript framework to ease application development.

With it, the familiar widgets from native SDK apps can be reused in Cordova apps, providing the familiar Ubuntu user experience and look and feel without any additional effort.