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    • AbstractButton - The AbstractButton class defines the behavior of the button.
    • Action - Describe an action that can be re-used in, for example a Button
    • ActionItem - A visual representation of an Action. The API of ActionItem is a copy of the API of Action, with additional properties to define visual aspects of the ActionItem.
    • ActionList - List of Action items
    • ActivityIndicator - The ActivityIndicator component visually indicates that a task of unknown duration is in progress, e.g. busy indication, connection in progress indication, etc.
    • Alarm - Alarm component is a representation of an alarm event.
    • AlarmModel - AlarmModel holds the list of alarms defined.
    • Argument - The Argument class specifies what type a given command line parameter should be.
    • Arguments - The Arguments class provides a way to declare what command line parameters are expected by the application.
    • Button - Standard Ubuntu button.
    • CheckBox - CheckBox is a component with two states, checked or unchecked. It can be used to set boolean options. The behavior is the same as Switch, the only difference is the graphical style.
    • Clipboard - This is a singleton type providing access to the system clipboard.
    • FontUtils - FontUtils is a context property, which provides utility functions for font manipulations.
    • Icon - The Icon component displays an icon from the icon theme.
    • Label - Text with Ubuntu styling.
    • MainView - MainView is the root Item that should be used for all applications. It automatically adds a header and toolbar for its contents and can rotate its content based on the device orientation.
    • MimeData - MimeData type provides interface to access and store data to the Clipboard.
    • OrientationHelper - The OrientationHelper automatically rotates its children following the orientation of the device.
    • Page - A page is the basic Item that must be used inside the MainView, PageStack and Tabs...
    • PageStack - A stack of Page items that is used for inter-Page navigation. Pages on the stack can be popped, and new Pages can be pushed. The page on top of the stack is the visible one.
    • Panel - A panel that can be swiped in and out from an edge of the window by the user. For most applications, it is highly recommended to use the MainView instead which includes a toolbar at its bottom ...
    • ProgressBar - The ProgressBar component visually indicates the progress of a process of determinate or indeterminate duration.
    • Scrollbar - The ScrollBar component provides scrolling functionality for scrollable views (i.e. Flickable, ListView).
    • Slider - Slider is a component to select a value from a continuous range of values.
    • StyledItem - The StyledItem class allows items to be styled by the theme.
    • Switch - Switch is a component with two states, checked or unchecked. It can be used to set boolean options. The behavior is the same as CheckBox, the only difference is the graphical style.
    • Tab - Component to represent a single tab in a Tabs environment.
    • TabBar - Tab bar that will be shown in the header when Tabs is active. This component does not need to be instantiated by the developer, it is automatically created by the...
    • Tabs - The Tabs class provides an environment where multible Tab children can be added, and the user is presented with a tab bar with tab buttons to select different tab pages.
    • TextArea - The TextArea item displays a block of editable, scrollable, formatted text.
    • TextField - The TextField element displays a single line of editable plain text. Input constraints can be set through validator or inputMask. Setting echoMode to an appropriate value enables TextField to b...
    • Theme - The Theme class provides facilities to interact with the current theme.
    • ToolbarButton - An ActionItem that represents a button in the toolbar. ToolbarButtons should be included in ToolbarItems to define the tools of ...
    • ToolbarItems - Row of Items to be placed in a toolbar.
    • UbuntuAnimation - Singleton defining standard Ubuntu durations and easing for animations that should be used to ensure that Ubuntu applications are consistent in their animations.
    • UbuntuColors - Singleton defining the Ubuntu color palette.
    • UbuntuNumberAnimation - UbuntuNumberAnimation is a NumberAnimation that has predefined settings to ensure that Ubuntu applications are consistent in their animations.
    • UbuntuShape - The UbuntuShape item provides a standard Ubuntu shaped rounded rectangle.
    • Units - Units of measurement for sizes, spacing, margin, etc.
    • i18n - i18n is a context property that provides internationalization support.