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    • Button - A Button.
    • Dialog - Dialogs are modal full-screen popups that prevent other GUI interactions with the application until dismissed.
    • Header - An Ubuntu Header wraps Tabs. Together they provide the main navigation widget at the top of an Ubuntu HTML5 app.
    • List - A List comes with various options, including: a header, main text (pushed left), an icon (pushed left), and a secondary label (pushed right).
    • Page - An Ubuntu app consists of a Pagestack containing one or more Pages. Each page displays full-screen. See the Pagestack class.
    • Pagestack - The Pagestack manages all Pages in a stack data structure. Initially, the Pagestack contains no Pages. The push() method is normally executed on load to display the app starting page.
    • Popover - A Popover is a div containng markup that can pop up and disappear. (Unlike a Dialog, Popovers are not full screen.)
    • Shape - An Ubuntu Shape contains and decorates (with CSS styles) some markup, often an img.
    • Tabs - Tabs are the standard way to provide app navigation from your application Header. See the Header class for more information.
    • Toolbar - A Toolbar is the JavaScript representation of an Ubuntu HTML5 app footer.
    • UbuntuUI - UbuntuUI is the critical Ubuntu HTML5 framework class. You need to construct an UbuntuUI object and initialize it to have an Ubuntu HTML5 app. You then use this object to access Ubuntu HTML5 objects (and object methods) that correspond to the Ubuntu HTML5