Announcing Ubuntu App Developer Week

So, we have announced the Ubuntu App Showdown where you can build some awesome Ubuntu apps and win prizes such as the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and the Meizu MX3, we have provided an update on lots of great updates going on such as refined HTML5 support and a raft of updates, we have […]

新一届Ubuntu App大赛开始了!

第三届 Ubuntu App 大赛今天正式开始了!大赛选手将有六周的时间,使用新的 Ubuntu SDK 和 Ubuntu 平台构建和发布应用。原创或移植的 Apps,包括 QML 和 HTML5 Apps 都可以参赛。 Read this article in English.   参赛类型与奖项设置 这次大赛将会特别有意义,因为我们有四个类型的比赛供你并赢得大奖。 QML:使用纯 QML 或者 QML+JavaScript/C++编写的原创 App。 HTML5:使用网页技术编写的原创 App,可以使用纯 HTML(及CSS/JavaScript)开发,或使用 Apache Cordova 访问本地设备。 移植类应用:从其他平台移植而来的应用,不限制使用的技术。 中国类应用:该类别的应用要求原创,并且面向中国及中国文化。评审委员会的两名中国评委将作出评判。 奖项设置:QML、HTML和移植类应用分别为一台Nexus 7(2013)手机。 中国类应用的前两名将各获得一台魅族手机。 评审标准 App将由六名评委组成的国际评审团评判。 评委小组的成员来自 Canonical公司和社区,他们每个人都有着自己独特的评判角度: Jono Bacon,Ubuntu社区负责人 Adnane Belmadiaf,Ubuntu HTML5 专家 Lucas Romero di Benedetto,Ubuntu Community Design […]

Announcing the latest Ubuntu App Showdown contest!

Announcing the latest Ubuntu App Showdown contest! 用中文读这篇文章 Today we are announcing our third Ubuntu App Showdown! Contestants will have six weeks to build and publish their apps using the new Ubuntu SDK and Ubuntu platform. Both original apps and ported apps, QML and HTML 5, will qualify for this competition. Categories and prizes This […]

Ubuntu Development Update Presentation

This last weekend Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, was in LA at SCALE12x and gave a presentation providing a detailed update of much of the work going on as we build a convergent Ubuntu. As we have mentioned before, there is lots of other foundational pieces being built as part of this work (app […]

Introducing our new Scopes Technology

The focus on content is a core principle that drives how we build Ubuntu. This not only includes getting the clutter out of the way and maximizing your view on your content (such as integrated window borders and overlay scroll-bars), but it also includes searching for, browsing, and consuming content as easily as possible. At […]