From 20-25th January 2014 we will be running our next Ubuntu App Developer Week. This is a week chock-full of tutorial sessions showing you how to use different aspects of the Ubuntu SDK across QML, HTML5, Scopes and other projects for building powerful, elegant, converged apps and content that runs across phone, tablet, and desktop. But we need your help!

The entire week will be streamed live using Google+ Hangouts in which session leaders will provide their tutorials using a combination of video and screen-sharing with embedded discussion so viewers can share tips and tricks and help each other out. This will provide a rich menu of deeply interactive content that will be archived and available for future generations of developers to benefit from. We will integrate much of this content into as part of our documentation and services to help our growing developer community.

As such, today we are opening a call for papers for those of you who can volunteer to run one or more sessions at Ubuntu App Developer week. Simply pick a topic that may be of interest to developers (e.g. ‘Playing audio and video in QML’ or ‘Managing settings in HTML5′) and register a session in our system.

To pick a session, please follow these steps:

  1. Pick if your session will cover QML, HTML5, or Scopes. Please pick one per session.
  2. Think of a topic that developers will be interested in.
  3. Write a short description of what your topic can cover in an hour. Try not to do too much so everything can be contained in the same session.
  4. Put together an example project you will run through to demonstrate how to use that feature in the SDK.
  5. Now submit your session!

Please make sure that if you volunteer a session that you are willing to show up and deliver it. Also, please ensure you have the equipment and net connection suitable to deliver a video hangout (e.g. a computer with a webcam, a microphone with good volume level, a Google+ account with the hangouts plugin, and a good enough net connection).

If you need help getting your computer ready to host a Google+ Hangout, or want to test your webcam and microphone, please contact Michael Hall (mhall119 on Freenode IRC). You are of course welcome to provide more than one session!

So, how do you submit each session?

Simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to, log in, and register that you are attending.
  2. Now go to this page an fill in the session details.

Please get all submissions in by 31st December as we will be reviewing and scheduling as soon as we get back to work in January.

Thanks in advance for helping to grow our awesome Ubuntu app developer community and building a world-class developer platform that brings technological freedom and openness to people.