After many months of hard work, I’m very proud to be announcing a beta launch of the click packages software store, as part of the 2013 Ubuntu App Showdown Contest.

This beta is exclusively aimed at Ubuntu Touch apps that have been built using the Ubuntu SDK.

Once you upload your apps, they will go through a brief review and will be available on the latest image of Ubuntu Touch for download. Please take into account the current beta does not support selling apps yet, so you will only be able to upload free (as in speech) apps.

Keep in mind the store is currently under heavy development, so you might encounter bugs and workflow changes as we work through different issues.

If you have any questions about uploading click packages or bugs, please pop into our IRC channel, #ubuntu-app-devel.

Find out how to submit your Ubuntu Touch app here:

If you are interested in the development of the software store or the click format, all discussions are currently being held in a mailing list you are welcome to join, and the process so far has been pretty thoroughly documented in the wiki.