As you may have heard, Ubuntu has a new SDK in the works being built around Qt and QML. We released a developer preview of this SDK when we announced our new Phone OS earlier this month, and we’ve already had a number of developers start writing apps using this new toolkit. And even though we don’t have an emulator or device images available yet, they have been so far been able to test them by running them locally on their desktops.

Now, thanks to the work of Andrea Grandi, they can run their apps remotely on another Ubuntu system as well. Andrea was one of the first members of the Ubuntu community to work under Canonical’s Skunkworks program, with a focus on enabling the developer tools around the SDK. In a recent blog post, Andrea shows how to connect QtCreator to a remote system over SSH, and have your application deployed and launched with a simple press of a button.

As he hints about at the end of his post, the usefulness of this is obvious when viewed in connection with the Phone announcement. Being a full instance of Ubuntu, you will be able to run an SSH server on the phone, and deploy and run your apps over wi-fi, rather than having to connect and copy things over a USB cable. In fact, if you have multiple devices, you can easily deploy it on each of them without any plugging or unplugging. And it’s not limited to just phones either, you can use this functionality to test your apps on the Ubuntu TV interface, and even other desktops.