Ubuntu App Developer Week: Call For Papers!

From 20-25th January 2014 we will be running our next Ubuntu App Developer Week. This is a week chock-full of tutorial sessions showing you how to use different aspects of the Ubuntu SDK across QML, HTML5, Scopes and other projects for building powerful, elegant, converged apps and content that runs across phone, tablet, and desktop. […]

Community driven Core Apps convergence

Convergence is going to be a major theme for Ubuntu 14.04, not just at the OS and Unity 8 levels, but also for the apps that run on it. The Core Apps, those apps that were developed by the community and included by default in the last release, are no exception to this. We want […]

New API docs added

At the same time that Ubuntu 13.10 was released, we also went live with a new API documentation website here on the Ubuntu Developer Portal. This website will slowly replace our previous static docs, which came in a variety of formats, with a single structured place for all of our developer APIs. This new site, […]

Make the Ubuntu App Developers heard in the 2013 Vision Mobile Developer Economics Survey

Ubuntu App development is growing and we are working with Vision Mobile to gain insights into the global ecosystem together, and we want to hear from you. To do this Vision Mobile launched their latest Developer Economics survey, take this opportunity to have your say about how you build your apps with Ubuntu. Prizes are […]

Karma Machine: An Example of Ubuntu App Convergence

Today I took a short screencast of the winner of the Ubuntu App Showdown, a neat reddit client called Karma Machine. In the video you can see the app first at the size of a phone as I demonstrate it’s features, and then I re-size it to the size of a desktop app. Karma Machine […]

Winners of the 2013 Ubuntu App Showdown

The judging is finished and the scores are in, we now have the winners of this year’s Ubuntu App Showdown!  Over the course of six weeks, and using a beta release of the new Ubuntu SDK, our community of app developers were able to put together a number of stunningly beautiful, useful, and often highly […]

Getting your app ready for the app showdown

You’ve been working hard on your app in the last week and now want to get everything ready for submitting it to the software store? It’s all working well in QtCreator, now you just want to get it out there? Fantastic! 1) Preparation First of all sign up for the Software Store Beta. Just enter […]