The next edition of the highly successful Humble Indie Bundle is out! Once more, available just a few mouse clicks away on the Ubuntu Software Centre.

We’re very excited about the continued success of the Humble Indie Bundles in Ubuntu so far, and we’re not expecting less on this occasion.

This time around, 6 new games debut in the Bundle. Check them out:

  1. Torchlight, the critically acclaimed action-RPG
  2. Shatter, the physics-based brick breaker
  3. Space Pirates & Zombies, the top down space combat sim
  4. Rochard, the rugged sci-fi action platformer
  5. Vessel, the steampunk puzzle platformer

… and there’s more! Donate more than the average and unlock and get Dustforce, the frantic acrobatic platformer.

We’re also very excited to welcome Rochard as the first native game based on the Unity gaming engine to run on Ubuntu, which will open the door to many other titles coming to your favourite OS!

How can I get these awesome games?

Here’s the deal:
Download for Ubuntu button

  • Starting from today and for a period of 2 weeks, you can pay as much as you want to get these games
  • You can choose how the amount you pay is divided between developers and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity foundations
  • If you donate more than the average, you get to own an additional game: Dustforce
  • Just get them from the Ubuntu Software Centre by clicking on the button on this post.

Oh, and you should definitely check out the Humble Indie Bundle site to learn more about the project and about each one of the games.

Looking forward to start playing this games natively on Ubuntu!

Source: Canonical blog

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  • ubuntunewbie1980

    Torchlight!!!!!!!! Wow!

  • yanglifu90

    Anyone knows how to install them in Ubuntu Software Center if I have purchased the Humble Bundle 6?

    • JaminCollins

      Wondering this myself.

      • yanglifu90

        Check the bottom of the , click that “Humble Indie Bundle 6″ link.

        • Sigurd Kristvik

          Awesome! It worked for me :D

    • shyisc

      There’s a “Download for Ubuntu” button on the Linux tab of the download page.

  • Filipe Soares Dilly

    Will you guys update Torchlight with the new versions? (The current version has plenty of bugs) :)