The community has spoken, applications have been published in the Ubuntu Software Centre and we’ve got final list of 3 winners. Each one of them will get an awesome Nokia N9 smartphone as a prize, sponsored by our friends at the Qt Project.

Presenting the Ubuntu App Showdown community vote winners:

First place: Ridual

As the application with higher score, Ridual gets the top position as the piece of software most loved by the voters. Ridual brings us back a classic in modern form: a dual-pane file manager especially designed for Ubuntu. As such, it sports a simple interface yet well integrated into the Ubuntu desktop. Will it be the next worthy successor of Midnight Commander?

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Second place: Orthcal

Those following Eastern Orthodox beliefs or simply interested in hagiography will find our silver winner a very handy tool to stay up to date with the daily Eastern Orthodox Feasts. As a bonus, this indicator app supports the old Julian and the new Revised Julian calendar.

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Third place: Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish is one of those apps that immediately catch the eye for their innovation on the desktop space. With it, you can set up events to automatically perform actions on your desktop triggered by the occurrence of a stimulus, that is, an event that can be predefined , such as unplugging a USB device. Give it a try and let Cuttlefish’s tentacles control your system to simplify your digital life!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish

With this, we’re wrapping up this first edition of the Ubuntu App Showdown. It’s been a fun ride, with lots of excitement, a spree of cool new apps made with astonishing quality for a 3-week contest, and as usual, also areas for improvement. We’ve heard your feedback in the contest survey and soon we’ll be publishing the results and what we’ll be improving in the next edition. Yes, next edition, as given its success, we do want to repeat the contest!

Thanks go to all participants, to the judges, to the Ubuntu App Review Board and to everyone who supported the contest by promoting it, talking about it and providing their feedback.

If you are interested in knowing how your app did in the vote, or which were the runner-ups, you can get the Ubuntu App Showdown Community Vote results.

So long for now and see you in the next Showdown!

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  • ollivision

    Orthcal? aha…..

  • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

    In my opinion Cuttlefish should be first or second but not third !!!

  • Srinivas Gowda

    Cuttlefish should have won the second place.

  • Zendar

    Orthcal? Is it a joke? Cuttlefish should be first!

    • Dalpi Vand

      Maybe there were some fake votes…

    • Roland Taylor

      I know right? No offence to my Christian brothers/sisters in the Orthodox community, but are there that many of them that use Ubuntu?!

      • Anon

        There’s still many dumb people alive.

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  • bjorn

    omg.. is this the future of open source desktop apps…

  • AlexSolanos

    laughing non-stop!!! Where is: MyAgenda and Format Junkie ?

    • ??????? ?????????????

      I have read other replies from you and they were all like “You’re app isn’t usefull”. I don’t think this attidute is right… ?????? ?? ???!

      • AlexSolanos

        ??? ??????? 3 ???????? ?? ???????? ????????, ??’???? ????? ???? ???????. ??????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? 3 ???? ??? ?? ???????? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ????????? ??? 3 ????????? ??? ????????? ???? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ???. To Clutterfish ?? ??????, ??????!

        • ??????? ?????????????

          ?????? 3 ???????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ????????, 3 ???????? ??????? ???? ??? ??????????? ??? ??? ???????????? ??? ???????????! ??? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ????????? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????.

          • AlexSolanos

            ??????, ??????????? ??? ;) ???? ?????? ??? ??????? ??? ????????! ??? ???? ?? ?? ???????? ??? ?????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?????????????; ??? ???? ??? ‘laughing non-stop’ ????? ??? ????? ?? ????????? ????? ????? ????????, ???? ????? ??????? *????* ?????????. ???, ??? ????? ?? likes ???, ??? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ??? ?????????. ???????;

          • ??????? ?????????????

            ??????? ???? ????? ????????? ???????. ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ????, ?? ???? ?? ??, ? ???????? ??? ??? (Manga Reader) ?????????? ??? ????????? ??? ?? ?????????? ?? ??? ???? ???????????? ??? ??? ???????????? ?????, ???? ?????, ???? ?????. ?????? ?? ????????????? ?? ?????…
            ????? ????, ??? ???? ?? ????????? ????? ???????????, ??? ???????;

          • AlexSolanos

            ??? ??????… ??? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ??? ???????? ??? (?? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?????, ?????????), ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ???????? ???? ??? ???????????? ????????. ??? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ???????? ??? ????? ?????, ??? ?????? ????. ?????? ???? ??????.

          • ??????? ?????????????

            ??? ? ??????? ??? ???? ??????! ??? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ???????!
            ?? ????????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ???????? ??????????!

          • AlexSolanos

            ???? ??? ????????.

          • ??????? ?????????????


          • Roland Taylor

            You know what? ?

  • Abbas Tohum

    I am feeling sorry for the guy who had the write text of Orthcal…

    “…stay up to date with the daily Eastern Orthodox Feasts…”

  • LeonCityBong

    No, no the competition was not fake! Who said that?
    A puzzle app 3rd place, an ugly file manager 4th, an Orthodox app 5th, What??
    Sure thing! :)

    • Ian Foote

      The file manager deserved to win. When oh when will the “artists” realize we don’t need or want sparkles and rainbows on our fucking power tools?

      • AlexSolanos

        You need some features. Why all this buzz about the removal on features on Nautilus, then? Explain me.

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    lololol, Christian Orthodox voters trolling hard

    • Roland Taylor

      lol I was wondering – are there that many Orthodox Christian users of Ubuntu?

      I’m a Christian – but not Orthodox – but maybe I need to find some Orthodox folks so I can have more Ubuntu using friends in the faith :P


      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        Apparently almost all the eastern Europe:
        From wikipedia: there are orthodox churches in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Georgia, Jerusalem, Antioch

  • zapp franka

    Okay, now a vote for everyone who wants to act as if this competition never ever ever happened in the history of open source software?
    Orthcal? that’s a disgrace.

    • Roland Taylor

      Should have been NitroShare.

  • zapp franka

    I just googled it and I saw that the orthcal has been promoted in the ubuntu-gr (greek) community and most likely it has been voted for by many greeks just for the sake of the developer being greek. Sometimes I’m ashamed I’m greek, this is one of these times…

    • ??????? ?????????????

      Dimitris (Orthcal’s developer) promoted his app as everyone should have done and got a lot of feedback etc. I don’t see the problem to that.

      • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

        App should get the votes based on its functionality and usefulness, but not because that developer has lots of friends who can vote for his app regardless app is good or bad.

        • ??????? ?????????????

          I agree with you. I told you that he got a lot of feedback and as i understands it that means that a dozen of people and more used his app…

        • Benjamin Norton

          If people had voted as avidly for cuttlefish than it would have won… How come you didn’t vote? It’s a little late to be a fan now. Love how people don’t pay attention until it’s time to be bent that an app you didn’t know you liked didn’t win so now you can complain about it. Orthacal’s developer and community supported the app. Support is what wins a vote, not someone else’s need or desire for the app. Duh. Ps I have no use for more customizing apps… I kinda thought that Orthcal is interesting… I’m not Orthodox but it’s a neat idea… and this competition was about making neat ideas… though it would be good to see the app be able to be customized for say Roman Catholic, or even national holidays, Native American holidays, Pagan Holidays and feast days… if taken to that level of universal appeal I think this app was definitely the best of the bunch not second.

      • zapp franka

        It’s freaking useless to most of the community!
        Plus it’s fugly!
        Plus it has no programming difficulty to implement it, to the bottom of the list it should go.
        End of story.

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  • Badr Ghatasheh

    is there a PPA for those apps? I can’t find cuttlefish on 12.04 default sources

    • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

      Click the ‘Down Load for Ubuntu’ red button in this post CuttleFish section.

  • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

    Last two showdown results stress the need to have a new way of voting system, current voting system is flawed, real good apps loosing in unfair competition, this is not a way to encourage our developers who work hard to give us a good app.

  • krisu

    How the hell LightRead isn’t in Top 3?

    • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

      LightRead won the previous showdown, I guess once some app won, it is out of the competition.

      • Mohan Arangan

        did you check the result sheet/voting sheet? Lightread was still in the contest. and the top app got 350 votes while others got 100 or less… I smell proxy…

    • AlexSolanos

      Applications that won at the jury vote should not participate at this one. However, their names where listed at the community voting page.

      • krisu

        Oh okay, didn’t know that.

  • Mohan Arangan

    The top app gets 300 votes while the others get like 100 or less? What if I told you that there is something called “proxy” and it hides your IP and lets you vote any number of times. Well, Otherwise why would anyone rate an app that serves no purpose 10/10. The contest was realllly well-handled. You sure are going to have a lot of participants next time…

  • Michael Hastrup

    well, let’s all go crazy voting with our religion instead of our ability to vote with our OSS community-hearts.

  • Ingo Gerth


  • Tony

    Notice how the not rated app counter is around 40 for most applications. I’m 100% sure that Ridual used some tactics to get so many votes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the votes came from a bot.

  • Michael Tunnell

    Why would a split screen file manager get first place? We already have that in Nautilus (I realize Gnome is screwing that up but that was after this app was made)

    Orthcal? Are you kidding me? Why is this even on the list…you are telling me that people care more about religious feasts than an Awesome transfer app in Nitroshare?


  • Pablo49

    Well, this competition wasn’t a joke at all. Judges vote was hilariously awful and so was their feedback. My app had two comments on it, some had more or less, it should have been one from each judge. Of my two, one was someone with an error (which is a problem with their Qt install not with my application) and another who couldn’t figure out what it did. Unfortunately they can’t seem to read the descriptions we give when submitting our applications, or check the help menu. Then comes the terribly run community vote. The entire competition sums up everything I feel is awful about the Ubuntu community, and why I switched distros. I’m glad I came back just to compete in this headache. At least I made something I am proud of and I find useful and so have others.

  • Alex vBK

    Oh my God :D Cuttlefish made it :D

    Thanks for voting for my App, guys! I feel so honoured. It’s a great feeling knowing that people really appreciate your work, even if it has an awful icon as well as some glitches and bugs (I’m working on those topics ;-) ). Also congratulations to all the developers, who participated in the competition. At the end we all won (at least experience ;-) ). And thanks to the guys that made the UAS happen, even though the voting could have been a little more transparent, it was fun participating and I had a great time :-)

    • Kiran Kumar Kamsetti

      You deserve it Alex. Infact you deserve first place among these three.

    • Equivalent TheIncredible

      Cuttlefish is the only decent app from this list, actually. And is the most awesome in the whole showdown, maybe.

      • AlexSolanos

        This. From all the 6 applications, only Cuttlefish deserved it.

  • Truth

    Dito! Cuttlefish should be first!

  • Dennis

    Cuttlefish for #1, this Orthcal thingie is just pathetic. m(

  • Sicofante

    I didn’t know Orthcal. I’m amazed a religious calendar got so high. Was the voting properly handled to avoid bots?

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  • Equivalent TheIncredible

    Orthcal. Pfft.
    Guys, I’m sure, it’s those imageboard guys doing it just for teh lulz.

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  • CSRedRat

    Ridual the best! :)

  • CSRedRat
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  • ??????? ???????

    Where is my T-Shirt. I haven’t received it yet. Can you give me a tracking code?