The final round of the Ubuntu App Showdown has now started, enabling the community to vote for their apps and giving yet another opportunity to participants to win some cool prizes.

We’re excited to announce the start of the Community Vote as the final wrap-up for the Ubuntu App Showdown. During the 2-week voting period, any individual can review and rate any of the applications submitted for the contest, giving the winners of the 3 highest rated apps the chance to win a Nokia N9 smartphone each, and the recognition their awesome apps deserve.

How voting works

It’s quite simple:

  • You’ve got 2 weeks to cast your vote, until Wed 29th of August 2012
  • App authors are allowed to do any changes to their app during the voting period
  • Install the apps you want to review and rate. Take me to the list of apps >
  • Go to the judging sheet and follow the instructions. Take me to the judging sheet >
  • You can go back to the judging sheet any time and change and complete your ratings up until the time voting closes

Reviewing apps

As reviewing the huge number of contest apps for inclusion in the Software Center will still require some effort and time, we’ve decided to encourage installation from the developers PPAs. This way the technical review can happen in parallel to the voting, in the same way it was done for the Jury Vote. As an added benefit, developers can push fixes to their PPAs throughout the voting period.

You can easily install any of the contest apps from each author’s Personal Packaging Archive (PPA) by:

  1. Opening a terminal
  2. Copying and pasting the relevant command line on the INSTALLATION column for the app you want to install and pressing Enter.

At this point you’ll have installed the app, which you can invoke from the Dash to start reviewing and rating it.

Promote your app

As an app author, we encourage you to promote your app so that it gets more visibility and more votes. Here are some tips:

  • Blog about your app and the cool things that it does
  • Create a screencast to show off your app
  • Write a high-quality article about your app and submit it to a news site
  • Share the news about your app on your social accounts
  • Let voters know about your app on the Ubuntu social channels:
  • Be responsive to feedback and be prompt in fixing any bugs
  • Complete the information about your app on the table below:
    • Add a thumbnail (note: use a max width of 128px)
    • Add a description
  • Be creative! Think of other ways and other places to promote your app

You might also want to address the feedback judges left for your app during the jury vote.

Good luck to all participants again. Looking forward to start hearing the cool things your apps do!

Start voting!

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  • Andy Gait

    Description section is blank. We need more than a name to know what the app is and if we want to downlaod it.

    • David Planella

      We’re leaving it up to app developers to fill the thumbnail and description fields in and otherwise promote their app. Alternatively, anyone can contribute by adding that info to the wiki, so if you’ve got a favourite app and would like to help it becoming a winner, just go for it! :-)

  • Ian Toon

    Agree with Andy. How can we review & use an App if we don’t know what its meant to do in the first place ??

  • I have two questions:

    1) Can I update my app to add functionality, as it’s in my PPA?
    2) Why Fogger, Lightread and Picsaw are in the community contest?

    • David Planella

      1) Yes! :) -> “App authors are allowed to do any changes to their app during the voting period”
      2) Good point, I’ll see if I can remove them from the actual survey, but they are not eligible for the community vote anyway. Feel free to ignore or rate them, but their ratings won’t count in the final result.

      • ubuntusoftwareuser

        Doesn’t the PPA approach now lead to possible security concerns? Plus the “vote the apps against a moving target as developers tinker further” (the PPA version) — this seems like a really bad way to go!

        A large segment of “end-users” seem to be unfairly excluded from getting encouraged to participate in the community vote, creating the impression of an “tech elite”.
        Installing from the Software Center is obviously the “best scenario”, but at the least, there should be a “frozen” PPA specifically for the showdown.

        Perhaps, this can be kept in mind for the next showdown — all apps should only be rated on whatever state they are in by the 1) deadline 2) after the judges feedback and corrections.

        Quite a few stumbles for this first showdown, but it would be great if the lessons learned are taken home and used to improve and add value to future app showdowns :-)

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  • Piotr Zagawa

    If only Joey could review my app with so delight, as he did with Lightread and Frogger, before judgement started, my app certainly could have much more community attention and maybe even win a prize. And promotion would not be needed.

    But this time, organizers want each of us to be a marketing specialist, blogger and reviewer in one person. I think it is just delegation of responsibility. If you don’t want to promote our apps, say it loudly and start another contest called “best app promotion” :D

    And review process is so speedy, that most apps don’t even reach Software Center in a half of year. Testing apps by ppa is not for begginers certainly. This whole contest is unprofessional and badly organized. To say at least. Really.

    So, the truth is, the results of this “promotion” will depend of how many friends you have to fill up judging sheet, how good you are at convincing editors to publish your review instead of 130 other so called loosers, how much free time you have to create cute screencast. So, even if your app is superb, but you have no skills or time to reach more voters than your oponnent, you loose.

    As you see, this is not contest about making good app, but contest about best promotion.

    They are just making us idiots.

    But not me anymore. I’m out of your stupid game. Screw you, organizers.


    • Brian

      I installed your app and it looks great. Will there be an option to add calendars to it in the future, specifically google calendar?

      • Piotr Zagawa

        Unfortunately, I don’t think I will have any free time to implement this. Google Calendar support is not so easy to implement. There are many programming tasks envolved: authentication, encoding/decoding data, synchronization, data adapters, integration and presentation. I have no google api calendar experience, but for expert in this field, it should be quite easy. All I can offer is integration help, because at this time I’m really busy finding new job for a living.

        Besides, MyAgenda at this stage is just a notepad with calendar and reminders. It’s much simpler than Google Calendar and its purpose is a little different. However, you can just easily synchonize its small sqlite data file with a cloud.

    • Vadim Peretokin

      I think your app matters more than the contest, though :)

    • Matt

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. This is the sloppiest contest I have ever seen. Nothing was on time, nothing was done properly, only 3 apps have actually even MADE it to the software centre, there was zero communication as to what was happening throughout the entire contest…

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  • Nathan Osman

    “Complete the information about your app on the table below”

    Sorry, I can’t seem to find the table.

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  • Matt

    I uploading a screenshot (actually 2) to my app (QTranscribe) over a month ago, but there’s no thumbnail beside my app on the contest apps page.

    • Matt


  • CSRedRat

    I like app Ridual!

  • Anon

    For a first try this has kind of worked out. But please try to get the stuff into the USC much quicker next time. I don’t want to go through the mess of installing stuff from ppas. Come on.

  • Luster

    What about results?

    • Someone

      Never. This is the worse contest ever.

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