Over the last two weeks we have been working diligently to get all of the App Showdown entries reviewed as part of the ARB process so that they could be published in the Ubuntu Software Center. We had so many submissions that we had to call for additional volunteers to help us review them all. Thanks to their hard word we were able to review all 143 submitted applications*.

Good progress

Thanks to the uniform development process provided by Quickly, nearly half of the apps submitted passed their initial review with little or no changes, and were sent on to the App Review Board for voting. However, that still left a large number of apps that needed minor and not-so-minor changes to be made by the developer. These requests were sent back to the upstream app author, and their submission was placed on hold while waiting for a response.

Time to followup

Now a large number of those app authors responded promptly, and those apps need to be re-reviewed. If you took part in the initial reviews, we still need your help. And if you didn’t take part, it’s not too late to start now. The ARB has a Trello board that is used to track the status, the ones needing a second look are in the “Reply from Developer” column. Daniel Holbach has compiled step-by-step instructions for doing a review, what to look for, and how to fix common problems.  Be sure to read the “Feedback” page on the MyApps entry for the app (link should be in the Trello card’s description) to see what changes were requested.

It’s not hard, anybody can do it, and it only takes about 30 minutes.  Apps weren’t assigned to specific reviewers, which means you can follow-up on a review even if you didn’t do the original one.  So if you want to help both Ubuntu users and app developers, come join us in the #ubuntu-arb channel on freenode and we’ll help you get started.


* While only 133 qualified for the contest, we are reviewing all of them for inclusion in the Software Center.

  • http://twitter.com/takluyver Thomas Kluyver

    I just tried to comment on an application in review (https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1026/feedback/), and got this error message:

    Access forbidden

    You just tried to access a feature which you don’t have permission
    to use.

    Only the owner of an application can do that.”

    • ??????? ?????????????

      are you logged in?

      • http://twitter.com/takluyver Thomas Kluyver


  • Piotr Zagawa

    Is this contest dead or something?

  • ??????? ?????????????

    Is the voting by the judges finished? Any update about the progress?

  • Christian Bianchini

    My app still in review over 2 weeks :(
    I’d like to get the T-shirt :D

    • Piotr Zagawa

      I’m a little dissapointed. There are apps pending review for months… But I’m sure, you get t-shirt for hot Christmas days ;)

    • https://launchpad.net/~espectalll123

      My app is also waiting for review. In Trello my app is in the category “Reply from developer” since July 23, but nobody still saw it!

      What’s happening with our apps? Is the contest dead? I want my T-shirt! ;(