The Ubuntu App Showdown – followup reviews

Over the last two weeks we have been working diligently to get all of the App Showdown entries reviewed as part of the ARB process so that they could be published in the Ubuntu Software Center. We had so many submissions that we had to call for additional volunteers to help us review them all. […]

Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for June 2012

In this month’s top 10, watch the Humble Indie Bundle titles score the most downloads in the paid apps section, Electronic Arts games retaining the top positions in the free section and much more – check them out! Top 10 paid apps LIMBO [NEW!] Bastion [NEW!] Amnesia: The Dark Descent [NEW!] Braid Oil Rush Fluendo […]

Ubuntu App Showdown: let the voting begin!

The die has been cast. After having sieved through and validated the huge number of submissions for the Ubuntu App Showdown, we’re announcing the list of app candidates which will compete for the prizes. Nearly 150 applications were submitted for the contest, of which 132 were qualified and made it to the final list the […]

The Ubuntu App Showdown – review is in full swing!

After the deadline for submitting apps for the Ubuntu App Showdown passed on the 9th of July, many of you have asked about what’s going to happen next.While we posted an quick update to inform participants that their entries got in, there have been some more questions on what the next steps will be. But […]

Ubuntu app showdown deadline approaching: get your submissions ready!

After 3 weeks of hard work, where experienced app developers have been writing some really awesome apps, and in which new developers have not only started from scratch but also produced equally awesome software, we’re nearing the end of the contest. Here are some heads up notes to get your apps in shape and submitted […]