We are now entering the final stretch of the Ubuntu App Showdown, with two weeks already gone by and only one week left before the submission deadline.

More Workshops

We’ve held 20 workshop sessions covering every step of the process of creating and submitting an application, and every one of them was recorded for use by future Ubuntu app developers.

Live countdown banner by Brandon Holtsclaw

Lots more apps!

And the apps just keep coming.  Here’s just a taste of the latest apps being created for Ubuntu.

  • Fogger: an app that turns any cloud app into a regular ubuntu application with proper unity integration. Check it out!
  • Aplomb: an app that blocks unproductive website(s) for you for a given amount of time. Check it out!
  • Cuckoo: a simple alarm clock app designed with Ubuntu in mind. Check it out!
  • gr8s: a graphical application for building command-line scripts. Check it out!
  • MenuLibre: an advanced application entry and menu editor. Check it out!
  • Web Form-er: a visual form builder with the goal to make it easy to build and export HTML forms. Check it out!
  • HumanTask: a personal task manager for humans. Check it out!
  • jpiiIRC: a cross-platform Qt/C++ based IRC client with main focus on Ubuntu 12.04 support. Check it out!
  • PyMi: A simple image processing app aimed at teaching undergraduate students. Check it out!
  • BooruView: enjoy images from various Booru systems. Check it out!
  • Wake on Plan: an ACPI Wakeup GUI. Check it out!
  • Ubatar: lets you synchronize your Ubuntu user’s profile picture. Check it out!
  • DayJournal: a simple digital journal done right. Check it out!
  • Clamour: a simple virus scanner powered by Clam AV. Check it out!

If your app is not on the list and you’d like us to highlight it, add it to the Ubuntu App Showdown reddit or let us know in the comments!

  • FourSquare

    You guys really think this is gonna make a difference? Linux on the desktop is DEAD. When Jobs admitted OS X had lost the race to Windows, what chance do You guys have? Concentrate on the server side, where Linux really shines through. Maybe Ubuntu can beat Red Hat there.

    • pleone

      Linux is alive. Your brain is DEAD.

      • Mbi Mbi

        Actually Linux not only alive. It rocks on Gnome and KDE

      • FourSquare

        Show me the numbers then. Oh, you can’t? Thought so :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/bartosz.zasieczny Bartosz Zasieczny

      Because there is a room for innovation. Windows, to be honest, sucks when it comes to software management. Of course you have bilions of apps, but most of them are not integrated with windows, bring a lot of adware/malware crap and is a complete, unchecked by anyone, useless shit with watermarks and “extensions” for IE and other browsers. You don’t even have a simple, free screencasting software without this crap. Yes, it’s gonna make difference. Especially when MS decided to fuck its users and put Metro-Aero schizophrenic interface in Windows 8.

    • Alex Petrik

      I’m sure this community does not need pessimists like you sir!.. I’m glad to see there are still some people contributing new ideas, rolling out new things, rather than just sitting around and doing nothing or just spend time by complaining or saying the OS is DEAD? ..You’re wrong right there, because the OS is rising up very fast as well as the community..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYLJWPVNNDJQ7DUZN7VRTV4WSM nova

      Why are you worry dude ?! :) Let it DEAD
      Maybe you Afraid of zombies :))
      IfLinuxdesktop was DEAD, we didn’t see you here ;)
      Linux is alive and shining on desktop, server , mobile and etc.
      You can download ubuntu from here:http://www.ubuntu.com/downloadfor Desktop and Server. ;)
      You can install it instead of your windows, it is virus free, HANGS free, and yes blue screen free ;)
      If you want continue to use windows there isnt microsoft windows forum.

    • http://yevgenko.me wik

      Even my mom decided to switch to the Linux more than 2 year ago and pretty happy with it :)

  • https://launchpad.net/~duncanjdavis Guest

    Some posts are not showing up on the reddit page. I’ve been posting about an app and it’s updates but none have been showing up. My latest update is here:http://www.reddit.com/r/ubuntuappshowdown/comments/vsolx/app_update_download_monitor/

    • http://yevgenko.me wik

      Same problem here, looks like they chosen the wrong tool, how can we submit ideas if that’s impossible?

  • Faur Ioan-Aurel

    Since I tried twice on reddit to submit my app and I failed i will post here.My app is called Slidewall and it’s going to be an wallpaper changer for ubuntu unity.Some screenshots and more info is available at http://faur-ioan-aurel.blogspot.ro/

    Soon I will update my blog with more info.

  • https://launchpad.net/~realender Alex Stanev

    Since I can’t submit to reddit too, here is my application: WinConn RemoteApp manager
    Screenshoots, video, PPA and etc info here: http://stanev.org/winconn

  • http://owaislone.org/ Owais Lone
  • http://www.smdavis.us/ Sean Davis

    I’ve updated the blog post for MenuLibre. Lots of improvements! http://www.smdavis.us/2012/06/26/ubuntu-app-showdown-menulibre/

  • Nathan Osman

    I think this accidentally got missed: http://redd.it/vgcih