Last week the Humble Indie Bundle was launched, and the games are now available in the Ubuntu Software Center. This meant that the games are just a few clicks to install, available in the software catalog, and our users can review them like the other apps.

The press and Ubuntu users were delighted to continue to see Ubuntu’s growth as a platform for gaming and other applications (just a few weeks after Electronic Arts delivered their first few titles via the Ubuntu Software Center too). I don’t know about you folks, but I blew away a pretty significant chunk of the weekend playing a number of the Humble Indie Bundle games.

We thought you might like to know an interesting statistic: nearly 10000 bundles were purchased and then downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center in the first 72-hours of the Humble Indie Bundle announcement, and the downloads are continuing apace. Combine the download figures, the fact that Linux users donate more on average for the games, and the features of the Ubuntu Software Center, this is another confirmation that Ubuntu is an exciting platform for delivering games to users.

If you are a games developer, or any other app developer and want to deliver your app in Ubuntu, see and if you have questions you can ask John Pugh.

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