Recently we announced the availability of the Humble Indie Bundle in Ubuntu and many of you have been downloading the games, enjoying them, and sharing your feedback online. The whole idea of the Humble Indie Bundle is to raise money for charity, indie games developers, and provide some awesome games for people all over the world.

Fortunately, we have another simple way of making some money for the Humble Indie Bundle folks. David Pitkin who runs the Consumer Apps team at Canonical is offering to pay $200 per game for each game that gets 5000 likes on the game’s page. This means we can raise an extra $1000 for the Humble Indie Bundle!

How can you help? Simple, just click each of the following links and click the Facebook Like button each page:

How long have you got to get those Likes in? Well:

You can also browse the thousands of other games, apps, and utilies on

  • limbo hidden eggs

    I started the first level on normal, from the beginning, no other skulls turned on, found the iron skull, picked it up, walked around and limbo -ed for a little while…… no achievement. I know i did everything correctly… to my knowledge that is… Anyone else have the same problem?
    yeah, i did. i met the first gold brute. killed him, blitzed through the rest, and ran up to the rock with the skull, sitting right there.
    yeah, thanks. I’ll definitely look into some of those possibilities. thanks guys.

  • Christian Dannie Storgaard

    The Facebook “Like” is the only share widget that isn’t loading :/
    Google Chrome 19.0.1084.56, Ubuntu 12.04.

    • Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Works in Firefox 13 though.