Ubuntu App Showdown Week 2 Wrap-Up

We are now entering the final stretch of the Ubuntu App Showdown, with two weeks already gone by and only one week left before the submission deadline. More Workshops We’ve held 20 workshop sessions covering every step of the process of creating and submitting an application, and every one of them was recorded for use […]

Ubuntu App Showdown Week 1 Wrap-Up

Phew, time flies and we’re already at the end of the first week of the Ubuntu App Showdown! There’s been lots of stuff going on, and it’s been really nice to see all the excitement and traffic around developing apps for Ubuntu. Here is a quick summary of what’s happened this week. App Developer Workshops […]

The Ubuntu App Showdown is starting today!

You’ve probably read it in the news: as part of the ongoing initiative to make Ubuntu a target for app developers, we proudly announced the Ubuntu App Showdown contest last week. The way it works is simple and the rules are well documented, so I won’t go into the details: in short, you’ve got 3 […]

Ubuntu App Showdown No Longer Requires Quickly

Yesterday we launched the Ubuntu App Showdown contest. It has been great to see the excitement and interest in the contest! One of the pieces of feedback we have seen is about the requirement to use Quickly (a tool we recommend developers use to generate, edit code, and package and release their apps). We always […]

Announcing the Ubuntu App Showdown Contest!

Today we are announcing the Ubuntu App Showdown; an exciting contest to create an app from scratch for Ubuntu in three weeks, and delivered in the Ubuntu Software Centre. The best apps will win some awesome prizes from System76 and Qt including a System76 Gazelle Professional laptop and Nokia N9 phone for the gold prize, […]

Coming Soon! App Developer Competition

Just a quick note to let you all know that we will be announcing an awesome app development competition very soon! This will be a competition for creating the coolest new application using the Ubuntu developer platform and tools, so start thinking of interesting apps to write. If you are new to writing apps on […]

Help Earn the Humble Indie Bundle More Money!

Recently we announced the availability of the Humble Indie Bundle in Ubuntu and many of you have been downloading the games, enjoying them, and sharing your feedback online. The whole idea of the Humble Indie Bundle is to raise money for charity, indie games developers, and provide some awesome games for people all over the […]

Top 10 Ubuntu app downloads for May 2012

If we were to choose a theme for the most downloaded Ubuntu apps in May, it would have to be games. Two new EA titles, Lord of Ultima and Command and Conquer, made a meteoric rise to the top of gratis apps, and Braid regained the crown as most downloaded paid app. Add that to […]

Humble Indie Bundle: a few days later

Last week the Humble Indie Bundle was launched, and the games are now available in the Ubuntu Software Center. This meant that the games are just a few clicks to install, available in the software catalog, and our users can review them like the other apps. The press and Ubuntu users were delighted to continue […]