We’re back with a new edition of the featured apps in the Ubuntu Software Centre. The theme this month is going to be gaming, and for this we’ve carefully hand-picked and brought you 3 of the coolest, slickest games now available in Ubuntu. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Core Breach

CoreBreach is an anti-gravity racing game with combat-based gameplay. Its unique graphic style, with a cell-shaded look, sets up a very futuristic atmosphere with a wide range of choices for ships, race tracks and powerful weapons.

Its intuitive controls support common types of steering wheels and game pads to enjoy the full driving experience directly from your computer.

And Yet it Moves

And Yet It Moves is an award-winning physics-based platform game in which players rotate the game world at will to solve challenging puzzles. Tilting the world turns walls into floors, slides into platforms, and stacks of rocks into dangerous hazards.

Players navigate through a paper collage world created with colorful pieces of cardboard and set to distinctive music. With four different environments and unlockable modes, And Yet It Moves is a platformer that will provide gamers with endless challenges.

Oil Rush

Oil Rush is a real-time naval strategy game based on group control. It combines the strategic challenge of a classical RTS with the sheer fun of Tower Defence.

Fight the naval war between furious armies across the boundless waters of the post-apocalyptic world. Pump the ever-so-precious black gold by oil rigs, capture platforms and destroy the enemy in the sea and in the air. Be ingenious to unlock super technologies and quick to send your squads straight into the heat of the battle!

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We’re confident these cool games will keep you busy until the next featured apps post! ;-)

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  • Ubuntu user

    Why this is Ubuntu Software Centrer is not a web? Why this not used a browser?

    • https://login.ubuntu.com/+id/CCLBxte David Planella

      @Ubuntu user: if you click on the download buttons, they will take you to https://apps.ubuntu.com, which is the web frontend to the Software Centre

  • Rafael

    Er… you should also put how much they cost, don’t you think? I second the web store/market thing, too. :)

    • https://login.ubuntu.com/+id/CCLBxte David Planella

      @Rafael: if you click on the download buttons, you’ll see the cost of each app on http://apps.ubuntu.com

  • Ken

    One would think that after all these years of coming out with all these intensive games, that they could take the time to make some simple card games. Ubuntu and Linux have always been seriously deficient in this area. Does Hoyle have some type of unbreakable hold on card games that were invented long before the Internet, much less a computer?

    Simple card games like regular poker, gin rummy, cribbage, crazy eights, bridge, pinochle and others. Love to see a sheepshead game, though that may be too regional. KDE had one game years ago, but died out after the developers went on to other projects.

  • http://)can'tputmywebsiteherebecausethenyourejectmycommentwithanobscurewperror) Marius Gedminas
    • https://login.ubuntu.com/+id/CCLBxte David Planella

      Hi Marius, thanks for your comment. However, unless you add some more context, I’m not quite sure what you are trying to communicate. Thanks!

  • Vadim P.

    USC has been notoriously bad about keeping OilRush updated in their repository. Hopefully this’ll be fixed soon, along with an ability to register the fact that I bought OilRush elsewhere – like I was able to do with Desura.

  • http://www.canonical.com Steve George


    I don’t think you’re clear on how the commercial apps in the Software Center work. The _developer_ maintains the app, so if you’re unhappy with how often it’s updated you need to talk to them.


  • Fitoschido

    Wow, that application banners look awesome!

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