As you will probably have noticed every time you open the Ubuntu Software Centre and watch those beautiful banners, each month we pick some of the best apps available to Ubuntu users and highlight them for everyone to see whenever they search for apps. It is not only a nice way to celebrate and bring more visibility to cool new apps, but also to help app authors by promoting their work.

December brings 3 awesome featured applications. Read on to learn more about them and how to get them on your Ubuntu system.


Stellarium is a beautiful planetarium application, with which you can watch starry nights and identify celestial objects as if you were laying down on a nice field enjoying the clear sky. The first thing that catches the eye are the slick and captivating visuals, including the interface itself, which is very intuitive and blends in very well with the sky cruising experience. Quoting the Stellarium home page, it’s just a matter of setting your location and go.

You’ll enjoy watching and learning constellations, satellites, planets, nebulae… (you name it!) from the impressive catalogue of over 600 thousand stars, which can be extended to more than 210 million stars. You can even turn off the atmosphere and the Earth! Stellarium is open source software. Go and check it out for yourself downloading it from the Software Centre.


TRAUMA is a game that develops around the story of a woman who survives a car accident and wakes up to confront her recovery. The player gets absorbed into a dream-like atmosphere and is challenged to solve puzzles or achieve a particular end goal, as if part of an interactive movie. This sensation of controlling the direction of the plot, along with the compelling visuals and gameplay make TRAUMA stand out as a fascinating game and story to dive into.

All in all, a unique and engaging experience, again, right at your fingertips from the Software Centre!


Openshot is an easy-to-use yet very powerful video editor. From creating family videos to presentations, to professional video editing, Openshot will help you with all your video needs. Easily combine music and video using multiple tracks, cut, trim, resize, mix and match clips, add transitions… the list of features is pretty impressive.

Have you ever wanted to create a promotional video to showcase a project you are involved in? Or add captions and nice transitions to those holiday videos? Now is your chance to download Openshot from the Software Centre and supercharge your Ubuntu installation with some video editing power. Openshot is open source software.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for this month. Stay tuned for a new update on January’s featured apps, and remember to add comments if you want to suggest us an app to highlight. Looking forward to your own picks!

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  • Benjamin Kerensa

    I really enjoy the app/game Ryzom which is available on USC…. Had I not done extensive looking for a cool game on USC I would have likely not found it.

    Ryzom deserves to be featured ;)

    More info on Ryzom in-case you do not have time to install it:

    • David Planella

      Nice one, thanks Benjamin!

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  • Mariano

    Hugin ( is an amazing tool. You can get great result just with 3 clicks or fine tune it with advanced tools.

    • David Planella

      Thanks for the tip, Mariano!

  • Cugel

    None of the videos on this page will play for me, I have Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid.

  • Adriatic

    I’ve checked the Ubuntu Software center for hosting my commercial (closed source) app.
    It appears that the store does not have any DRM support, to protect against copying the bought application to other PCs. This may be OK, because I have my own license key generation mechanism.
    The problem is that my license key generation is not Microsoft-like, I can not pre-generate them because they store the user name and other data within them.

    The question is how to integrate my license key mechanism with your store?
    As a fallback, can I host my app as “free” instead because it has lite/trial mode when installed without the license key?

    Any other idea to resolve the issue?

    • David Planella

      Hi Adriatic, we use Askubuntu, IRC or our mailing list for support. Would you mind asking your question on here so that we can answer it in more detail and the reply can help other users in a similar situation?

      In the meantime I’ll try to get someone knowledgeable on licensing to answer the question. Thanks!

  • Adriatic

    Will do. One of the problems with Software Center is that I could not find obvious links for support :)

  • Adriatic
  • David Planella

    Thanks Adriatic, question answered! :)